Staying Friends with Ex Boyfriends Mom?

So my ex and I broke up about two and a half months ago. We both have kids with separate babies parents. both are not in the picture. We had been dating for 2 years and just couldnt stand eachother anymore so we had a really nasty breakup. His mom has been so helpful to me and my son and has helped given me tips because there are no other older mothers in my life to kind of get advice from. IS it weird that we are still friends and talk often? I feel like my relationship with her is completely separate from my ex. She told me I could go to her about anything including new boyfriends. The only reason it got weird was when I needed someone to babysit my son and she offered. My ex still lives with her so he would know and I would feel weird about it.


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  • No, not weird at all. I know plenty of people who are in similar situations. Don't let your ex complicate an otherwise good friendship with someone.


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