Does he like me? What should I do?

We finished because he let liking girls that he met on tinder pictures and everything I'd asked him to stop before. I scared him off. He likes my pictures along with every other local girl now but doesn't really talk to me. I know it's a given that your spouse will find other people attractive but I'd rather him fawn over famous people than the girl down the road. We had a few conversations but nothing noteworthy and nothing in over a week. I feel like it's effort for him to be my friend hence the him starting conversations then just leaving or ignoring me when I start a conversation.
he's watching all my snapchat stories and to be honest it's hurting me him still checking what I'm up to but not talking. I've deleted his number two weeks ago as I didn't want to bother someone who didn't want to talk.
my heads a mess and I'm really upset tonight.


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  • Your head is in a mess for good reason, games aren't fun. Maybe he realises that you want more than he wants, hold you head up high girl and ignore him, he doesn't sound like he's the type you want to be falling for and you'd be better off putting your time and effort into someone else. He sounds like he doesn't want to put all his eggs in one basket, so they say. I know it's hard but respect yourself, deep down you know it's not healthy. Good luck, don't let it get you down cos it's really not worth it. Someone else waaay better will come along, promise.

    • Thanks for your advice, it was really good and really just what I needed to hear right now ❤️

    • You know it's right even though it's hard but you do need to hear it and realise that it's his loss, you've done everything right, it's him that's playing the game, if he's not respecting you now, he definitely won't anytime down the line. You'll be fine! We've all been there! ☺

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