Guys, Guys: Why do you delete your ex off social media?

Backstory: I broke up with my ex... I admit, a week later, yeah it was a little irrational but ultimately it had to be done. The reason was because we never saw each other and it just felt unequal in efforts. So, when I broke up with him... he ghosted. I literally have no idea if he's alive or dead (when clearly he's alive.. i just mean he's literally cut all ties with me {some people have been v confused by when i say that?}) Abyway, within 2 days of breaking up and not hearing two words from him, not even a "yes, we need to split up," he deleted me on snapchat. Any ideas why he did this? Some say it's because it's "good riddance" others say it's because he's "hurt and can't stand to see me" on social media.

Ok, now for general sense. Why do you delete your ex from social media? I would do it in the idea of moving on and being hurt.
Curious and looking for some ideas :) Honest guy talk, to a girl


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  • Well my breakup story is similar except that we keep unblocking each other.. Either he is extremely emotional (in a stubborn way) and he really liked you so the best way to move on was blocking you or he is just an asshole. Either way I also feel that it relieves people from emotional baggage and temptations of getting back together

    • Okay, so i ask - when i broke up with him... why didn't he even acknowledge me?

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    • My gut is that it's his ego. Doesn't want to discuss and just move on.. But it kinda hurts because I at least wish we could discuss this even if we came to agree on splitting up :( So i doubt he'll ever acknowledge me

    • Well, he isn't worth your time :) no point regretting it! He did you both a favor

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  • You broke up with him. He most likely believed that's what you wanted and now needs to get used to the idea of being alone. I deleted my ex off social media and deactivated FB because I kept seeing all the sad/angry/confused posts she was making and it was upsetting.

  • He could well have met someone else...

    • As a 23 year old male... i bet so. Especially given the fact that he only saw me once a week and said it was because of "studying"

    • Yeah sounds likely... at the least he would have wanting to see you for sex, of course. Guess you can't blame him, if you know your own worth you haven't lost anything really

  • Because we don't want to see reminders of you


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