A girl I've been friends with recently got out of a relationship. I like her and believe she likes me, should I make a move and ask her out?

This girl I've been good friends with got out of a relationship. She has been dating this guy for 2 years now. Last year her friend told me she had a crush on me. She would always flirt with me and we would hang out a lot. I never asked her out well because she had a boyfriend. And she seemed pretty into him. They posted a bunch of photos together on social media. Right before the break up they even took a trip together and posted tons of photos celebrating their two year anniversary. Fast forward till now like a two weeks later they break up. I haven't seen her for a whole month since we were not in university during the winter break, and I found out news that they broke up. I try speaking to her not about the relationship but just regular talk like we used to and she is very cold and distant almost sort of rude. But only to me, with everyone else she is really up beat, responsive and talkative, you would never guess she just got out of a relationship. No signs of being hurt. Now why is it that she is acting this way? I've never told her I like her or tried making a move, all I did was come back and tried to pick up where I left off before the break just as friends. Now it's been a week and we haven't even had a conversation between us two. Our text messages are short and to the point never extra with jokes and flirting back and forth. My question now is what's up with her? Her friend told me she was into me. Now that she is single I would think she would demonstrate it more but instead she is pulling away and being distant but only me not none of my other guy friends. Do I try to talk to her about or leave her alone? Our friends even notice the difference and asked what happened between us two. We always use to be joking and messing around when she had her boyfriend. I always liked her but never told her since she had a boyfriend. I really want to try now but she is acting this way and I don't want to ruin anything.


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  • Wait a few weeks to make sure she is over her breakup. As soon as she seems flirtatious with you, ask her out.


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