I want to move on?

So my ex and I broke up about 4 months ago. I wanted to get back together but I now realize it's a lost cause. Other girls are already flirting with him and it hurts to know he'll most likely move on. I'm tired of crying like a baby. Is there any advice someone can give me on how to move on? Please, it would be most appreciated.. ❤


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  • Best advice I could give is try your best to keep your mind off of it. Hangout with your friends more, focus on sports or music more.
    Or you could try and find another boy to talk to


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  • Literally just move on , it's hard I knowww. But find some guys to talk to , maybe they can distract you? Go out with friends! Hangout with family

  • Let it out. I know it hurts but you. need. to grieve for it to move on

    • Yes, grieving will help a little, thank you ❤

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    • Yeah, grieve but only to an extent. I'll hopefully I do things go get my mind off of it as well. Thanks again!

    • Hope you feel better soon

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