Should I be the one contacting her? How do I do this?

My best friend and I dated for a month during December, and we were the most attached people on the planet. The relationship was imbalanced because I was the one who did sweet things and was emotionally open. She didn't do much because her character was strong on the outside and very emotional on the inside. This January she dumped me after realising it wouldn't have worked out due to various reasons. She loved me very much but one of the main reasons was that she was guilty of not being a good girlfriend. We rarely used to meet because of her parents. She also didn't want distractions as her final school exams were in March. She dumped me and cut me off and said she'll start talking again after a few months. I went nuts because I wanted to have a proper conversation, so I'd often show up on her doorstep, throw a million messages. Her best friend warned me that I'm harassing her. In these four weeks she did message me once saying she was sorry it had to end that way but she said we were friends and she'll talk when the time is right. I still kept trying to talk. She's moving out a week after her exams but her best friend says I've been so. obsessive that she's emotionally distressed? She also said we aren't friends anymore, but I don't want my ex to leave without seeing me once. She knew it was a beautiful friendship and she did say she's see me before she goes, but after this entire episode, what if she doesn't? How will I try establishing contact in that last week? Do note, I will move on and focus on my life but I am not going to let this friendship go in vain. I just want a closure to our friendship. What should I do? We were really emotionally attached but once she moves away she'll want to forget me because she'll associate me with negativity. Please help me, I'm desperate.


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  • Aww poor thing. Just talk to her when you see her. Make things pleasant. This way she can associate it with that instead. Distance doesn't matter shit when you care about someone. Think about it. When someone dies, we still think of them. That's their spirit living on.

    • As of now, she's following the no contact thing so that I can move on. I'd wait under her building or knock at her door but none of that works, she's asked her brother to lie about her whereabouts. So I plan to see her only after these 3 months as she won't step out during them.

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    • Just give her the space and see what happens. Because you seem to have exhausted your options for now.

    • Yeah that's what

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