Was breaking up with him a mistake?

Okay so I dated this guy for a little over a month, we talked for 7 weeks previously before we dated & the thing is we never got to meet each other in person. He lived in the same town that I live in but, he'd just never meet me. We met through Instagram, and about 2 weeks after I mentioned the idea of meeting him in person bc I really liked him and he said he'd love to. He never brought up the idea of meeting for a long time and so I brought it up about 2 months later and he said he's busy with his family and that he wanted to but he couldn't.

So the next following month (this month) I tried to bring it up again and he still wouldn't do it & I got upset and told him that I wanted to and I didn't like dating someone I never met. & so he still said he couldn't and I asked why and he said "I honestly don't know" and I got fed up with it and I dumped him. & he blocked me on almost everything.

He used to text me everyday on his own and we'd talk for hours & I miss that & I miss talking to him. I feel very empty & lonely. I feel like there's a hole in my heart. I just don't look forward to every day now.

Do you think breaking up with him was a mistake?
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  • Sounds a lot like a catfish to me hun.

    If you guys were in the SAME town but never once decided to meet up, there shouldn't have been an excuse not to find time. When you're in a relationship and someone loves you - THEY WILL FIND TIME.

    Hopefully you skyped with this dude, or did some facetiming. Something to see that he was visually there and not just pictures. As many of the times, People will avoid meeting up with someone if they don't say who they are.

    And if they lie about the webcam being broken, It would be another redflag. As modernly, anyone around the age of 50 or under usually has a smart phone or working camera.

    You did not make the mistake. Whoever HE was, it just doesn't sound like the truth was out.

    Another reason to refuse meeting is that he could potentially already be married, have another girlfriend, etc. But the way your details are. It seems unlikely.

  • In the long run it's probably better this way.

  • How can u date someone that doesn't meet u in the first place? Probably a catfish.


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