Is being friends with an ex possible if it wasn't a horrible break up?

My ex broke up with me almost a year ago. He even said it wasn't a bad break up we don't hate each other and he wants us to be friends in time esp cause we were friends before. We met a month after break up to hang out, it was a bit too soon as I got emotional at the end. We met in October after months of NC initiated by him and it was great catching up and felt like old times and we were at a good place to be friends again. Haven't heard from him since other than birthday wishes in novemeber. I know most people can't be friends with an ex if it was a bad breakup. but ours wasn't and we were only together a few months. Does he not want to be friends? Is it true it's very difficult to be friends with an ex despite how the break up went?


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  • It's definitely possible if it was a good break up. You could easily be friends if it's not to awkward and conversation is still easy.

    • But it's been almost a year and we've hung out only twice since the break up. I don't know I feel confused. Did I do something wrong during our last meet up? I have a good read on situations and I felt that evening went well we were catching up for almost 4 hours. He seemed to be enjoying himself even at the end he suggested going for a
      Cruise in my new truck. He could of easily said he had to go if he wasn't having a good time. Thoughts?

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    • It could be that he's dating someone now, but I wouldn't put that at the top of my list. I'd say he's just adjusting to hanging out with you as just friends and is unfamiliar with being friends with an ex. I'll not talk to my friends for months, so I don't think it's anything out of the usual.

    • That's true him dating someone is big

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  • I think it depends on whether it was a clean mutual breakup or if one of you still has feelings for the other.

    if one of you still has feelings, then forget it. it will be one-sided and hurt the other person

    • I miss him as a friend. The breakup wasn't awful but I was hurt but i recovered now which is why I agreed to meet him in the fall.

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  • From my life experience, usually it is the girl that wants this and it fails for two reasons. After you guys have a shit ton of fun the guy will think "oh we get a long again i'll try to get another shot" and the girl thinks because you were friends whatever happened it wasn't bad at all. In the mind of a girl, they struggle with their emotions more than a man and being friends justifies everything she did and you will see your past relationship as nothing and undermine his feelings.

    I had that happen to me, an ex begged and cried for me to be in her life again, I thought I had another shot after her revolving door of assholes and she literally tried to undermine everything I did for her, even to the point she didn't tell some of her friends what happened. Can you imagine how I felt knowing the only thing I did wrong was the fact that maybe at times I was hard on her because I wanted her to be a better person but she opening talks about the one ex who mooched off her the entire relationship and was a felon, the other never got over his ex and the other who couldn't drive and did so many drugs he was legally retarded?
    After all that I think the way things are currently in your relationship is fine the way it is, sure you want a relationship minus the dating part with him but you gotta look at it like someone who was in a bad accident, they survived but they ain't gonna walk again and can't do the things they used to. So don't expect a wedding invite or anything crazy

  • You're a citizen. Even if Trump ends up getting rid of birth right citizenship it definitely wouldn't be retroactive

  • no way.. i move on... Exes are totally irrelevant... I'm out with someone else and never think of them again.


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