I told him im leaving him but he ignores me, why?

im with this guy. No relationship but we do have a thing. We kiss and have sex. We had a lot of discussions the last couple of weeks. I told him today to delete me of everything. He didn't do it and didn't answer my message. An hour later he placed a random snap. After that i deleted him myself of every social media account. After that i send him a screenshot of our conversation from a months ago wich i regreat because he lied about it. It was about something very important to me. He ignores me again.
Why doesn't he say something too fight back or try to make it right or even a goodbye or curse me.


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  • Because he doesn't care if you leave, that's pretty obvious. Stop being childish and looking for a reaction, if you're done then be done with him.

  • I'm sorry to say but you're not important to him and he doesn't value you


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