How to end things with one guy to go with another guy?

I was stuck between two guys. (Long story)
I'm ending things with one guy.
What's a good way to end things with him without it being awkward? I want us to be on good terms/no awkwardness when I see him

Any examples?


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  • Dumping someone is usually awkward. The best you can to is tell the truth. "I'm sorry, I can't be in a romantic relationship with you, but I hope we can stay friends."

    • Thanks :) I'm gonna be honest

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  • You can't avoid it being awkward, you're leaving him for another guy so allow him the right to be angry or upset of whatever because it's a hurtful thing to do, so just be honest about your reason, don't lie, don't drag it out, just be polite and quick because that's the kindest thing to do in the long run.

    • He doesn't know about the other guy, so I think I'm not gonna discuss much and keep it super simple 😬

    • And then when it comes out you were dating a new guy a week later and he asks about it? Are you going to lie again? If you want the relationship with the other guy to go well then own up to your decision and why you're making it. At least have the decency to give him the real reason you're ending it, otherwise you're too immature to be in any relationship.

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  • Be honest, don't do the whole cliche "it's me not you" or "I'm confused and can't be in a relationship right now" lines. I know it sucks to have to admit you found someone else. He may even hate you for it but in the end eventually he should respect you for being genuine about it.

  • Tell him you just wanna be friends.

    • But that's so typical. I need a reason that he can't change or help me

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    • No no the credit here obviously goes to slatyb.

    • @igotthepower lol

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  • I mean there's not really any good way to do it you're leaving him for another guy. In my opinion the best thing you could do is face to face tell him how you feel and that you found someone else and you know you're sorry that it had to come down to this but your happiness is important and he deserves someone who wants to be with him.


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