How normal is it for a married ex-gf to reach out to you after being apart for 6 years?

So my ex-gf reached out to me the other night via email because I've blocked her on social media and would give her my phone number.

The first email said "please" In the subject line and the body of the email said her husband was a bad person and she needed to talk. She wanted my apartment number so we could talk.

About5 hours later she sent another text saying she was sorry. Said she had too many drinks and a bad influence friend telling her to reach out to me.

Around the new year she reached out to me and I responded to hopefully get her to stop trying to contact me. Told her I was happy she met the love of her life and got married but out of respect for her husband and herself we shouldn't talk anymore.

Just curious what people think about this situation and what they would do. Thanks!


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  • It's completely normal and means she's interested in you: sexually.


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