How long did it take you to fully get over someone? What was the best way?


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  • The best way to move on is to cut all contact , and get rid of anything of sentimental value. I. e photos , gifts , messages etc. People often feed their memories by holding onto such things. That just feeds the pain , and prolongs it

    It's what you do with your time that heals your pain and helps you to move on, so keep active and your mind focused on things other than him. Don't dwell on what should've/ could've been, or reminisce on what was. Workout, try something new. Change your routine. Make new memories. Gradually the memories fade and pain eases. How long it takes depends on how you respond to the breakup


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  • the best thing you can do is take your mind off it maybe do some things u like to do go somewhere to relax hope it helps sorry if it doesn't


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