OK! so I just moved, graduated from school last year, and is still looking for a job. sucks. but gotta live with it.

what is the easiest/best way to find friends your own age?

I'm dying sitting in the house all the time doing nothing. bleh. help me! lol

not to mention I will be moving again in august for college.


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  • I agree with Timephantom it is tough without school or a job. The best thing I could give you is maybe try the mall where people your age hang out at, the arcades or maybe try places you like that interest you the most. You could find friends there that have similar hobbies as you


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  • That's a tough one without school. I guess just try and get out and go to places you think people your age would hang out? That sucks and it's probably going to be hard to meet people over the summer being new.

  • Depends on you I guess. You can always go to the park/rec. center where there'll be people playing sports, skateboarding, snowboarding, or whatever else the people in your area are into.

    At the least, you'd be getting outside and maybe even find a sport you like and it'd give you something to do and keep yourself busy with until college.

    Like TimePhantom said, gonna be rough without school where you're surrounded by a bunch of people your age.

  • well when you get a job you can meet new people that way but don't worry once you move for college you will meet SO MANY people you won't know what to do with them lol

    and I know how you feel about sitting at home trust me


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