Is ita rebound relationship? Will it last?

Basically my ex who I dated for 4 years me and him called it quits at the end of November but a few weeks later we were going on dates and constantly seeing each other and hanging out , he was telling me how he loved me and we were constantly having sex up to 3 weeks ago when he started acting different even thou only 12 days ago we hooked up but now he barely texts me or wants to hang out wether he was always doing the chasing before and we stop hooking up now. Found out yesterday that 2 weeks ago he meet this girl on a night out and they got on well and have being talking a lot , I asked him about it and he said there talking and going to go on a few dates but it's nothing serious but he just testing the water and he not closing the door on us just experiencing different things. So is this rebound? Will it last or should I just hope he realises it's not what he wants? Also should i stop talking to him im hope that , that makes him realise talking to her will lose me or keep talking to him and make him realise how good we really r together?


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  • He's a dick for leading you on and giving you expectations but then dating someone else. He's only telling you "the door isn't closed" on you two so he can keep fooling around with you and have you as emotional support if his new pursuit doesn't work out, you're a backup. Have enough self-respect not to blur boundaries or wait around while he pursues other girls if he won't commit to you. Don't be made a fool of by this guy.


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