Why doesn't he want to see me?

We were hooking up for about 5 months. We ended things like a month and a half ago because we got too attached and both didn't want a relationship. He hasn't made any effort to talk to me besides on cinco de mayo when he wanted ass and I slept there. School is over and I asked to see him just to give him a hug goodbye. Earlier in the week he said maybe we could hang out this weekend.. Friday I asked him if we were hanging out he didn't answer.. Yesterday I asked and he asked when I'm leaving cause he was leaving today after his final and worked all night I said I was out but I'd text him where I got back to see where he was. I did and he didn't answer. Why doesn't he wanna see me? Should I leave it or tell him its f***ed up that he's acting this way. Help


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  • i think he thinks it's just going to cause another relationship thing and that he doesn't want it to end again cause of the pain of heartbreak etc... I don't honestly know I'm just saying a suggestion, sorry.


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  • You are not in a relationship. This is what guys do when they only want sex with you and nothing more. They contact you only when they are horny and have a chance of actually getting together with you that night. Other than that, the rest of it is a burden to try and coordinate get togethers when you are not their girlfriend.


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