How I tell my ex to stop sending me love letters?

Half a year has passed since we broke up. But my ex, from time to time, stills sends love letter to me.

I have tried treating her nicely, saying to her that I am not interested, but she seems to continue in the exact same point. We have been in a relations for six months.

What could I tell her that she finally understands that returning back feels bad for me?

How I tell my ex to stop sending me love letters?


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  • SILENCE!!! Silence in itself is an answer. She will eventually get the hint if you don't respond!!!


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  • I would ignore it, as hard as it could be I'd ignore the letters. maybe not even read them and not contact her at all. If you stop paying attention to the problem she'll eventually stop

    • I have been in the other side, and it felt dehumanising and horrible. Moreover it feels bad when you do that yourself. I would rather go to short brief answers than to no answer at all.

  • Just tell her you're over her and then ignore her shell get bored eventually


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  • Respond with a short note that says that her sending love notes is beginning to look like a mentally unhealthy obsession and if you receive one more of these notes, you will consider having a talk with her parents so that they can consider getting her into counselling. Don't say it in a threatening or mean-spirited way but make it sound like you have some concern for her well-being without sounding like you have some interest in rekindling things.

  • tell her do u have some self respect.. i have not responded to you.. still you keep sending me letters..

    • Well in fact I responded to her, just short and telling I am not interested. Although in a soft tone.

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    • There are many reasons:
      - She wants a dull boring life, spending the time at home watching TV only. Not even playing video-games, no walks or whatever.
      - She is physically abandoned, till the point she is starting to get sick.
      - Her career goals are to clean houses.
      - Her ethics are somehow lax, for example her condones lying in some circumstances. She told her mother I was the first boy she was with, but the truth is she has been with at least other nine people.
      - She is more interesting to get married and have kids than in myself as a person.
      - She doesn't fix her problems, but instead she blames other people or her circumstances for them.
      - I do the opposite of above.
      - And more important, she is unwilling to do something about it. I suggested her the above several times, but she did nothing at all. She didn't even wanted to go out from home.

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