Should I leave him?

I've been talking to this guy for around 4 / 5 months. I truly think he does care about me, but he's really sneaky. I'm emotionally damaged and I don't have a problem admitting that so you can imagine my trust issues are horrible. Everytime I would log into his snapchat I'd see something fishy. once, he was flirting with a girl, I took him back. second time he was talking to a girl and in the messages he told her he was gonna take her to this basketball game, I took him back. 3rd time I saw messages from this girl and I text her on my own and she said that he would flirt a little with her and her friend, as you can guess I took him back. 4th time, I was reading his messages between one of his friends & she was asking him how he was doing with this girl named Kenzie, he replied to her and said that they had stopped talking about a week or 2 ago. so obviously he was talking to someone while still with me. I tool him back. Now yesterday, I opened one of his snapchats & the same friend said " hey Mr. bassitt " ... his last name isn't bassitt but Kenzies last name is. which only brings me to they're still talking. I don't know if I should stay or leave? please help.


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  • I think you should leave him. What he is doing to you is not fair to you. He is only making promises that he can not keep. The guy sounds like a womanizer. He gets a thrill at talking and flirting with different women. No matter what you do, it seems that he will not give up his flirting ways. I really feel that if you stay with him, you will not trust him 100% and will always think that he is cheating. He keeps cheating and doing the things that he does because he thinks that you will take him back

  • Leave he can't be trusted


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