We broke up. Does he still have feelings for me?

My ldr boyfriend of 3 months broke up with me 5 days ago. At first he told me the reason for the break up was that he still loved me, but he is afraid that i would get hurt if i fight for us. He said he didn't cheat nor where there other girls. After he said that i asked him of he was just playing with me and he answered with what if i said yes, yes.

I didn't believe that because for someone who was playing he has said a lot of private things and even told his family about me, pushed me to tell my parents about our relationship, because he didn't want me to lie to my parents and never has he asked for money or something. So I dont believe he was playing. I said i don't believe it and if he really is telling the truth he should call me and say it to me in person. But he just blocked me. I didn't understand why, because i never did anything to him, he just started to ignore me without any reason.

Couple days later he unblocked me and told me he missed me. I asked him why did we break up, because it got me so confused and it kept me from moving on. He told me he doesn't have feelings for me anymore and that he was confused to if his feelings for me were real. And that he still wants to be friends with me. But i don't believe that he doesn't have any feelings for me anymore, because:

* After our break up he posted my nickname on his fb wall, wrote heartbroken messages, which you wouldn't do if you dont have any feelings for me.
* He still has my pictures on his fb and hasn't changed his relationship status even after I reminded him of it. He told me he was busy, but he is like online every hour everyday. so he could just delete it.
* He hasn't told his family that we broke up
* He said he misses me
*He wants to keep the present that arrived today, but its the other half of a couplechain, while i said just throw it away
* A friend of his told me she could see he still loves me.

I still love him, want to be together, but this got me confused. What's happening?


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  • You deserve the right to know what really he's not telling you. Overthinking about this will only tear you up more. Meet him face to face and ask him for closure. Should definitely help. Don't call or text. Meet him.

  • No you don't want him back. It's over deal with it


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