How can my ex and I stop ignoring each other and be friendly again?

Hello. I am 18 y/o and in my senior year of HS. My ex & I broke up roughly a year ago, with him breaking up with me. He wanted to try to remain friends at the time but I was so shocked and heartbroken that I told him I didn't want to be. We had a rocky break up, as I was extremely heartbroken (I was 17 and this was my first relationship/breakup ever), and I will admit I didn't take it well. I may have said some things to a close friend or 2 that I regret now obviously, but one of his friends, who still dislikes me to this day, decided to start drama and tell him that I was spreading nasty rumors about him around the school. He confronted me over text and we fought, as I was still so angry and hurt and just let it all out. I eventually apologized over text and told him what had really happened. All the drama and hate really took place early last year, and as the year progressed on we both talked to some new people (he actually was in another relationship for a little while) and the feelings of hate subdued, at least on my part. Now it was more awkward stares briefly passing in the hallway. At a recent party however, I did start up a convo with him for about 20 min and we caught up a little and even hugged after. I mean we were each others' first loves and we share memories I will cherish forever. Now, we have a couple classes together and there's a lot more awkward eye contact and no talking. I don't hate him anymore at all nor am I heartbroken. I just want us to at least be friendly with each other but I don't know how.


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  • The most important thing for you to do is apologize. For anything and everything you feel you might have responsibility in causing strife between you two. Even if it isn't all your fault, even if you yourself have gotten over stuff, apologizing helps both of you get over the hurdles that are the emotional barrier between you two. Try your best to make it as sincere as possible, do it over text if it's too hard to say it all go his face, writing down the things you want to says can really help either way you do it.
    You should however be prepared for him to reject you. Sometimes, people just aren't ready to let go of pain. For all I know, he had just said the line about wanting to still be friends as something to ease the shock of breaking up. A lot of time, that's one of those things people say but don't mean, even when they think they mean it. If you really do want to mend the friendship, definitely try.


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