My ex girlfriend of 3 years dumped me and is talking to someone else?

Title says it all si my ex girlfriend of three years recently dumped me due to too many family issues not having time and school. But is talking to another guy and goes over her house almost everyday. when we first broke up she told me crying not to do anything stupid with any girls "have sex with them" but several days later she tell me she doesn't want to know anything about me. Her mother never liked me and never let me stay late like that new guy does so I find it odd, I asked her multiple times is she is taking him serious and she says "no" so it's really weird to me. Also after she broke up with me I have been over her house and every time I see her and talk about things she starts crying and I really don't know why that's why She I'm asking anyone out there with similar experiences or opinions of what might be going on.


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