Long-term relationship breakup gone mad... But why?

Ok, girlfriend of 27 years bailed out three months ago. says she doesn't want to see me anymore, she doesn't want any of it back, but when she moved out, she left everything here, including two ATV's and a 1940 chev, but she says never again...

Here's the weird part. She's spent almost 14 hours thin month on the phone discussing the past, she won't let it go so we can move forward, feeds me a line of crap about being unable to let me or anyone else in to her heart again, but she's all over the internet dating sites.

Makes me wonder if she's shopping for another dude she can move in with and take her toys too.

But, why the horseshit on the phone? Why the games after 27 years?
I asked her if it was so bad here today, and she replied, "It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that great either, I wanted change and it didn't seem to go anywhere, so I did"...


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  • She doesn't like you anymore. She just wants herself to stay relevant to you. Girls can be selfish like that. Let her go. Even if she has remaining feelings (or you do), trust me. They are illusions of your past. She bailed on you. You have the full right to just ignore the bs and move on. Find a better girl. Trust me, there are some out there.

    • Well, 27 years together building a life, and two kids kinda complicates things. Our son is really hurt by the whole mess, since she doesn't spend shit for time with him either. It's like she dumped the responsibility.

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    • thanks for MHO :) best of luck to you

    • Still working on it, one day at a time.. thank you!

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  • She'll be back for the toys, but yes, probably wants to show you she's moved on, so she'll send the new guy to get her belongings, I'm thinking.

    Even after 27years she is on a power trip with you, trying to one-up you.

    • She'll fail that one. I've always supported her, she doesn't know how to make it on her own. She'll have to shack up with someone to move on.

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  • She probably still craves your attention and care and possibly doesn't want you to move on, it's tough but I'd stop all contact. She's shown no signs of wanting to reconcile, there should be no more to discuss.

    • We have two sons together, 16/25, and all of her stuff is still at my house. And that's practically everything here.

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    • Wishing you all the best ☺

    • Gonna need all the help I can get! Thanks!

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