Two accounts for what reason?

I know she had a 2nd FB account when she left me. Which it was only her pics. But now I noticed her other account (old account) has a picture of us when we were together. The whole profile looks as if she is still dating me. BUT we are not and don't even speak. (this profile was deactivated when she dumped me)
And now is back on.

The reason I found out was because a mutual acquaintance of ours ran into me and said hey I saw y'alls pics. Are y'all back together?

This was disturbing to me cause I do not want to be affliated with her whatsover. Why would she keep her profile set up this way? It seems as if she is doing it to either throw someone off or is hiding something. Opinions?


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  • Not all people are honest. Could be for any number of reasons. It doesn't matter.


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