Totally embarrassed myself, any way to redeem my image and self esteem?

Went through a break up about six months ago, totally ruined me I went through depression and really struggled. After initially begging etc. did no contact which worked.. she has since come back twice and both times despite taking it slow I have made it clear I miss her and want us to try again. Both times she has walked away again after staying over, telling me she loves me, crying etc and generally playing me for an idiot.

The most recent time she has told me we cannot speak again, she messaged me on my birthday but doesn't want to meet, talk or even text on a mutual level.. I feel like an idiot, I've only ever tried so nice to this girl and told her how much i miss her and regret us parting.

Is there anything I can do to redeem this pitiful image of myself.. I just want to move on now and show her that I'm not the pathetic, obsessed person I've been since the break up. Should I block her on everything or is that immature? I'm a good guy with a great job and not shy of attention from girls for some reason I'm just totally head over heels for her and I realize that's really not done me any favours in trying to fix things

Any advice appreciated


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  • Why did you break up I would never take an ex back if cheating happened so if you cheated your chances are 0 also is she seeing someone bc she might be using you to boost her ego if things aren't going so great with her new man.

    • she never gave me a reason, since the break up she has messed me around lied etc. I really just want to send her one final message making it clear that the way she's behaved isn't okay.. is that a bad idea?

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    • last week.. i tried to make civil conversation but she was very cold and uninterested despite making comments about stuff she had clearly seen on my online profile

    • She's toying with your head then I've had it done to me too an ex wishing me a happy birthday actually ruined my birthday because it's just a reminder that this person should be with me right now but instead is with another girl and it's almost like they are trying to get some kind of reaction out of it so they can find pleasure in rejecting you you should have not even responded to her but anyways I hope you still enjoyed your birthday

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  • Your first move should be to drop the idea of showing her anything. If you want to reclaim your self esteem then stop making things about her. She's made it pretty clear that she doesn't want anything further and you have to accept that. The more you do things with her in mind, the longer you keep yourself in a bad place.

    She is gone, forget her. Everything that you do now should be about you. You've already jumped through enough hoops for her. Focus on your own life and learn from the things that you could have done better. Forgive yourself your weak moments, you're human.

  • Grow a backbone and stop any contact with her. Permanently. Find a hobby that distracts you and move on.


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