Why was he so horrible to me but treated other girls right?

We first dated 3 years ago and I broke up with him after a few months because he was lazy and smoked weed all day. He got with somebody else instantly. He came back 7 months later apologising, that he's an idiot & he wants another chance, he's trying to quit drugs and wants me. I gave in. But within a month he went from being kind to me to being uncaring, before ending it after two months. When we ended he called me every name possible, a loser, pathetic, how he hates me, he threatened to beat me to death, to kill me, laughed at me with his friends, publicly slandered me. Then got with somebody else.

He then came back again a year later, begging for forgiveness, I had forgotten everything to be honest because I had just gone through a break up with a guy who had been my best friend for 2 years before dating so that was on my mind more. He hated himself for how he treated me & doesn't want to be on drugs, he doesn't expect another chance but would love one, he spent ages trying to convince me, and would be so kind to me, after months I agreed, it went perfect. He told me he wanted to be with me. Until a month in it happened again & he would ignore me, he would do & say things to get a reaction out of me. He then told me he will never want me & it's over. For no reason, we hadn't even argued once it was PERFECT, he was smiling constantly around me. He then cut me off & went back to getting high and snorting coke.

But other girls got dates, holidays with him, they had him for months, years.. but I didn't get any of that. I'm the one who believed in his dreams & he openly admits I changed his life. He has thanked me multiple times for being there for him when he needs it most and that because of me he's a better person and that I'm the best thing to happen to him. Even some of his friends agreed. But we were only ever official on the first time we were together when I made no effort. All of his exes are druggies & just party. I dont get it...


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  • He was probably afraid of letting you get too close.


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