Getting back together never works, right?

So its been about nine months since me and my ex have been apart. He broke things off to “find himself” and because he wasn’t where he wanted to be/who he wanted to be, he couldn’t add anymore stress to this (Still think it’s bullsh*t. But whatever).

For the first two months I couldn’t let the break go. I tried to find answers as to why and only found myself wasting my time (I was actually pushing him further away from me, by asking him all those questions). Months later, we kept contact and ended up hooking up. I thought I was okay with it all but deep down, I knew we were just FWB’s nothing more. It wasn’t right and made me feel cheap so I told him that I couldn’t be with him like that unless we were getting back together, we weren’t, so that’s where it ended. We have been able to stay friends and its fine, however, I find that the more time I spent with him the more I learn about him and all the things he was capable of giving me during the relationship, that he didn’t. I also found out about a few things that he lied about along the way when we were dating as well ( I think he forgot that he lied to me about those things because he didn’t seem like he caught himself in the lie when we did discuss the past… )

So lately he has been ringing me off the hook asking me to go here and there, what my opinion on some things for him are, etc. Basically the same things he did when we were dating? He has brought up that he would like to give it a try, someday (someday hey as I mentally roll my eyes).

Now, I still love him yet don’t know if getting back together will even work. I am somewhat past this break up and although I have not gotten into another relationship since him (yea gone on dates but with no one special) He keeps talking about getting back together, how do I tell him that he is a liar? I really don’t know if getting back together is best right now and yes “someday” sounds like being a second choice, how do I keep him in this mind state yet keep him at a distance so I can think straight? Keep in mind he doesn’t know that I have discovered all these lies and I really don’t care to fight about it but it kinda makes me have some hate for him, I can’t just forgive him for this either. Like how do you lie to someones face that you say you love. Then turn around and say that the break up was because you weren’t where you needed to be? I’m torn. I obviously can’t trust him, so what makes me think I can be with him? WTF do I do?


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  • Yes, it will never work again.


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