People who have been hurt by someone in the past, roughly how long did it take for you to get over it and feel happy again?

It's been approximately 4 months since my ex took away my faith in "love", and I'm only 18, so I don't want to feel this way.
I've never felt misery like it, I thought I'd almost gotten over it but today someone was reminding me of the horrible things he did and it distressed me and I've been feeling terrible about it all day.
How long did it take for you, and I don't mean for you to forget about it. Because I know that you'll never forget, but what I mean is how long did it take for you to accept what happened, move on and begin to feel normal again, the same way you did before you'd been with that person?


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  • I've been rejected by every woman I've ever tried with... so i never recovered... its gotten to a point where i get depressed around attractive women... sometimes if i hear about a woman getting raped or hurt really bad ill try to make myself believe that it was a good thing that it happened to them... since women aren't human to me me anymore... its very damaging..

    • Just because a woman rejects you doesn't make her a bad person. There is no reason for you to no longer see women as "human" and you definitely shouldn't be glad when they get hurt. There is good and bad people everywhere, male or female. You shouldn't hate women because you haven't found one that likes you back… you've just been unlucky. There is still time for you. You could meet someone at any random moment, life is strange.

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  • Well do u still love him?
    I always seen things like this no one is perfect even if he fucked up in the relationship it's takes two to still want to make it work
    If he's willing to make thing better and so are u then it shouldn't matter what others says
    The past is the past plus you are only 18 years of age your still young and still have so much to learn so if u decided to get back with him don't take it so serious

    • He's the one who ended it. "Didn't know what he wanted" apparently. He took my virginity then slowing began to treat me worse. And then a while after he'd ended it he rang me saying that he regretted breaking up with me and that he's sorry he hurt me, turns out he just wanted sex then he didn't bother with me again. There was other stuff that happened too, I have no idea when I'll get over this.

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  • It doesn't really go away until you find someone who can restore your faith

  • I was bullied and I'm too scared to go to school so I went into online school


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  • It took me almost a year and a half to get over how this guy hurt me. I was holding on to the anger for so long. I'm starting to let go of the situation but my confidence when it comes to guys and relationships is still rocky. I don't trust anyone.

    • I think it could be true that you never fully get over someone until another person restores your faith in love…maybe that could be the case for me and you too. But definitely be cautious when it comes to giving your heart away again, I know I will be.

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