Why did she mention possibly doing it for the first time after we broke up?

So my girlfriend broke up with me recently because she didn't want to date me anymore simply because things didn't feel right and she didn't want to half ass it. She handled thing really poorly and didn't let me say anything for closure purposes. After 2 weeks I called her and asked to talk. We met up at a Panera and I stated all my feelings, complaints and emotions with things. Everything went well snd we managed to clear everything between us to the point that we were talking like old friends again! At one point I mentioned how now that we weren't dating anymore, multiple people had asked how far we went on the base system. (we had kissed and touched but nothing under the Clothes) we are freshman in college, no point risking a baby. Anyway, after that she said she would have liked to have gone farther (as in sexually) I mentioned that I would have liked too as well and she went "darn" and snapped her fingers jokingly. Then she said "well there'a always Florida. My friends and herself included are going on a group trip in a couple months. Essentially, it was weird that she would bring this stuff up right after we made up two weeks after she broke up with me. What is she thinking? Please help.


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  • Don't get involved with your ex. The relationship is over, you have your closure, be smart enough to move on and not create a mess again.

    • I'm asking what she is thinking not as much what I want

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    • Don't look for anything. If she can't be mature enough to express she wants the relationship and to commit to it again, then disregard her behaviour and what she says, or you'll end up in a mess again. If you're around each other then you have to make the extra effort to keep a clear head and remind yourself of the reality, that she doesn't want a relationship, and that certain behaviour would be crossing certain boundaries that will only create confusion and heartache, so be sure to maintain those boundaries. Tell her that if she only wants friendship, no relationship, then she shouldn't say or do anything inappropriate that is misleading.

    • Alright. Thanks for all the help :)

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