What's the best way to ask your ex to sleep with you?!

j.w it doesn't really matter if he does or not but all I know is that he still likes me ;)


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  • If that's what you want, then just ask him. Your dating a guy right?

    • No I said he's my ex ahha

  • well I hope ur not just using him because all you will be doing is hurting him more if you do. If you love/like still him then ok go for it...just talk to him, have him come over and do what females do when they want sex!...dont do it just because ur horny that's beyond messed up...i have a ex I still like but if she were to use me! boy I tell you what...

    • Yeahhh I still like him and I feeel comfortable with him thank uuuuuu you hella helped me but idkkk if he would be down because I'm his ex but I kno he cares about me soo I'm kinda confused!

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