Have you ever cheated? If so, what is your cheating story?

I only did it once but I will never forget it. It was a girl from my high school. I had remembered her being good looking but when I saw her at my high school reunion, I had no idea she had turned out to be so sexy and attractive. Amanda was her name. I had been unhappy at the reunion with my then girlfriend. I was enjoying drinks and catching up with my high school classmates at what was once an awkward state affairs-it had turned out to be a fun night. She had repeatedly approached me with conversational intent but I continuously shot her attempts down, which made her want me even more. We had shared a few cigarettes when I eventually decided to speak with her alone outside. What felt wrong ended up feeling magical and great during this highly sexually driven reunion. Two days later she told me to drive over to her apartment in the city. A far drive but nonetheless worth it. I had arrived to an incredibly sexy Amanda donning a dress that revealed her legs and gorgeous body. My shameful actions led me to an overtly negative demeanor-which started to affect her night badly as well. As we set out to the bar scene, she complained of my attitude and gave me a stinging slap on my cheek. We enjoyed mixed cocktails and wine at a local favorite bar she insisted I patronize with her. How I ended up getting to spend this much time with such a goddess was beyond me but I wasn't going to second guess things after having made out with her several times at the reunion and during this night-which consisted of her sensually seducing me, challenging my way of thinking, laughing at my jokes, slapping me for various infractions (she was a fiesty one), and kissing my lips. After it was all over, I realized what I had with my then girlfriend would have been over regardless, but what I had done was still wrong nonetheless. What's your story?


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  • I have never cheated on any relationship in which I was then involved. My brother's fiance attended the same college as my brother and me and my brother graduated one year ahead of us. While he was starting his military career overseas, his fiance seduced me and took my virginity. I was not involved with anyone at that time but that did constitutes being involved with cheating. It is the only time that I ever had sex with someone who was in a relationship with someone else at the time.


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