Do you think it's stupid that my ex broke up with me because of her father?

So me and my ex were going solid for a while. She is an international student from Taiwan and is here in the US by herself, except for when I met her mom who was here for 2 weeks. I hit it off pretty well with her mom as well. During Christmas break we took a vacation to LA where my family lives. we had an amazing time being together in LA. However towards the end of the vacation she just seemed concerned a bit too much about people looking at us. I tend to pick up on things like this. I then asked her about it and she told me that her mother asked her father what he thought of her dating a Latino and he disapproved. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said she didn't care. When we got back to school I she was acting weird again on the first day back and she told me that she doesn't feel the same way about me anymore and that she will only be with an Asian because it's what her father wants. she said she only wanted to be friends from now on. I told her that's impossible for me because we shared the same bed for 2 weeks. there are some things that you can't go back to. Her decision really pissed me off so much I've never been more angry at anyone or anything in my life, I'm usually easy going but ignorance like this, the disapproval of an interracial relationship angers me because my family didn't care, they emphasized the feelings between people rather than things like race, which don't define a person. what pissed me off more was that she could throw me away so quickly. one of the last things I told her one day you will have to get out of your dad's hand, otherwise you'll live in cage trapped in his ignorance and his decisions, it's your life not his. I'm free. ... Shit this is long !!!


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  • I'm sure , she's suffering too. Because she did it for her family. Her father should understand that she loves you and being latino is not a problem. And she might be worried that if she choosed you instead of the father , family will neglect her. But on the other hand she should have said first that her father's choices are traditional. However you should move on now. It's difficult at first of course. But try to do things that makes you happy.


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  • Wow! That was really messed up on her part. Not only that we are in 2017 people need to stop this whole race relationship thing. As long as you are happy or anyone who cares about their race or color. I don't blame you for feeling hurt or angry.

    • Yeah I hear you. After this i was really crushed because I had thought we had such a good connection. it feels like it was was just a dream. Never would have thought it could have hurt me so much.

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    • I will just have to keep moving forward. and thanks

    • It takes time I know and you welcome

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