I have sent nudes for my ex ( when he's my bf) but now I feel terrible. Help pls?

When we were in relationship he asked me for nudes, I was bit worried but i sent those.(actually he asked for those in the very begining of our relationship.) Then again and again he asked for it. After a while he start ask videos of me. I sent some. I live in a country where this is rare. I mean if someone is not a virgin and not married we think it's bad and illegial like stuff. And i believe so 😭. I really felt bad for sending those nudes. but i made up by mind saying he's gonna be my husband so no need to worry. But we're not togther anymore. And i feel very bad by thinking of that. How can I say to my future boyfriend (or husband ) that i have sent nudes for ex. I feel terrible. I never thought that we'd broke up. You might think this is a joke or something but this is very serious for me. Pls help. It's the biggest sin have done so far.


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  • Don't beat yourself up. We all do stuff sometimes that we regret later. It's called being human. The guys a douche for demanding them from you. It's never wise to send nudes because of exactly your situation. But move on. Learn from this. You're not a terrible person

    • Ikr but he said i'm not trusting and love him so that's why sent those. I'll try thank you 😊

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  • it's not a sin and you don't need to tell your future boyfriend or husband cus it won't do any good

    • I think we must share our secrets when we are in a relationship. What if he found out about that later. He'll get angry for sure.

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    • Okay thank you😊😊

    • you're welcome :)

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  • It's not a big deal. Why do you even have to tell anyone about it?

    • It's a pretty big deal where Iive. Also in a relationship we must share our secrets.

  • I saw those on crazyexgfs. tumblr, pretty hot stuff. Those are going to be shared around forever, that a for sure.

    • 😂😂😂 he said he deleted them and i believe him.

  • why do you think you need to tell your future boyfriend

    • Because we must share our secrets.

    • keep the past in the past but share if you feel it's necessary

    • Yeah past is in the past

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