Why ex new girlfriend added me on social media?

Ok so my ex and I broke up last month after 4 years. he now got a new girlfriend they only met 3 weeks ago despite us still hooking up 2 weeks ago and him telling me he loved me 2weeks ago. There relationship seems to be moving fast they already call each other boyfriend/girlfriend and she just added me today on twitter and then seconds later posted a picture of flowers he bought her saying he the best boyfriend ever like WTF. How does she even know who I am seems a bit weird. I confronted him and he wouldn't admitted they were together and got pissed off at me. Sound like a rebound? Also why would she add me to sove it in my face?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I would be so tempted to write on the photo 'this is so strange considering he was telling me he loved me two weeks ago'

    • Haha it's so hard to not xxxx

  • she's checking her compition out. Same reason my exs did that.


What Girls Said 1

  • she wants to rub it in your face

    • Yeh but why. Do u think he mentioned me and she got jealous

    • yes I believe that's the case

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