I can't get over it... what can I do?

My ex pretty much used me to get over his last ex. Than he dumped me when he saw another opportunity with another female. He hurt me I will not deny that. Because I cared for him deeply.

But now he has moved on with another female and seems genuinely happy. I can't help but be a tad bitter because he only used me and threw me away. Than made it seem like I was to blame and I left him.

Suggestions to help me get outta this funk?


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  • what happened wasn't your choice... so nothing you can do but forget and forgiving yourself for the moment that you were weak.
    challenge your negative feelings to be different... and not to allow others to manipulate your life.
    stay single for a while... you owe yourself a lot.

    Good luck...

    • I thought he genuinely cared and I would cave in constantly. Until he started to take advantage but I didn't realize this till the end of the relationship.

      Thank you

    • getting out of that relationship may be painful, but that pain will guide you to the right direction
      be strong to leave, and wise to wait for what you deserve.
      u welcome.

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  • That's a terrible feeling! How long were you together?


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