Why does she answer?

My ex and I broke up a little over a month and I hadn't talked to her in a week so I decided to give her a car today at first she didn't answer and later on returned my call and we talked fine but after she acted weird and we hung up my question is why does she still answer?


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  • why do you still calling?

    • I was curious on how she did on school exams and it just to hear how's she's doing

    • she answers for the same reasons you keep calling.. to know how you're doing

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  • You called her and you think there is something wrong with her because she answered?

    • No my question is why does she still answer if we stopped talking ad at one point we agreed on leaving each other alone

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    • What I'm trying to see if she still cares?

    • We all know exactly what you are doing. You are missing the good times and reaching out, hoping that contact will reignite some spark. It sometimes does. . . but if you get back together, you will quickly be reminded of why you broke up.

      It is better to be noble and let go of this girl, move forward with your life.

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  • probably because she is a bit resented with u... after all u two have broke up

  • because you called her


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