I need some real advice on how to deal with this PLEASE?

I've watched so many of your videos on youtube and I just have to let you know that you've helped me to feel so much more empowered! Me and my ex (He's 32, and I'm 20), dated for a year. We became official after about 5 months of talking because he was afraid of commitment. Our relationship had it ups and downs, but was amazing, because I have never felt so close to someone. In August of 2016, We got evicted from our apartment, so as of now we're living with his parents. When we moved here, we began arguing constantly, to the point that he ended the relationship. He told me he still loved me, but that we had to work on things, AS FRIENDS. I agreed, so we've been friends for the past couple of months until I had it, last night and told him that unless he wanted to be with me, I couldn't be friends with him. I told him I was moving on, and he got very upset. Now he's texting me a lot, and saying some really dumb things full of jealousy, while I'm just chilling because I don't have to deal with the pain of being in love with a "friend." Do you think he'll want me back at some point? What Can I do? Anyone else been through this situation?

I was told that people who break up with other people and want to be friends, hold all the power, and I really can't let him have power over me.


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  • I think you are doing the right thing. If he has commitment issues, that's his problem to deal with. I think, too, that he might be a little bit scared of being alone alongside not being able to commit.

    You are right to not let him get power over you. That amounts to emotional blackmail. He had his chance and failed. You have moved on. keep moving, and don't look back.

    I think he IS going to want you back, but the basic problem is not resolved. It would end up being just the same.

  • The relationship seems "toxic." Leaving is the best thing you could have done. Looking to go back is counterproductive.

    I suggest you move on... that way it won't matter who has what power.

    • I know, but I was curious to know if anyone thought that he'd want me back if I continue to ignore him and move forward..

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