Trying not to burn bridges?

my ex came over and helped me with my car last friday. I had asked his friend to help me whom I am also friends with. When I looked up my ex was coming in my direction to help me. I felt bad because his girlfriend sat in the parking lot for 10 min well he looked in my car. I asked him about it yesterday and he said that he told me he didn't hate me. but me and him never talk so it was different for us to sit there and have a convo together. We understand each other way to well; we dated on and off for about 2 years, we know each other way to well; we know how each others parents are, how each others siblings act, etc. My boss said he is just trying not to burn bridges, but I just don't understand him anymore. Help please.


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  • burning bridges, is code for not trying to get in between people or create conflict, in other words, staying neutral


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