My ex hates me and I want to be friends?

Hey everyone. I'm going to explain this situation to you guys, by trying not to use any names. Please help me.2 years ago I dated boy A. And my best friend (who was a guy), was always trying to get me to break up with him because boy A was very mean to me. My best friend was like my brother. I had never been so close to anyone before. I started to fall for him, so I broke up with my boyfriend. Then my best friend asked me out and I said yes. But it didn't feel the same when we were dating as it did when we were friends. So I broke up with him, and about a month after we broke up I got back with boy A, but we broke up again about 6 months ago. My ex hates me. I miss our friendship so much. It kills me everyday now for some reason. I see him everyday at school. And he hates me because he thinks I left him for boy A. I've tried talking to him before about a year ago but I just messed it all up. I miss him so much. A few weeks ago his new best friend messaged me about something and I asked her if she would talk to him for me. But she never told me what he said. I just mess up every time I try to talk to him again and I wish that I could redo everything. I don't know what to do now because I feel like if I try talking to him again I'll look desperate. I don't know what to do. I've tried getting over it but I just can't. I've never been so close to someone before and now they're just gone. And it took me 2 years to process that
I ended up apologizing to him, he texted me back hours later last night and we carried out a conversation for a little while and then said goodnight. This was last night. Do you think he will text me again? should I wait for him to text me back?


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  • I see he feels like you insulted him, and betrayed the friendship.
    saying “I’m sorry” usually isn’t enough on this situation, and face to face confrontation also may be a little bit difficult because he may avoid meeting you or embarrass you by saying (no).. and that will make you look desperate.

    what I am suggesting is... write a note and put it in his locker, car, etc.
    express your feelings in that note. start off by saying something like: "i know this letter doesn't fix what's broken between us, and maybe it never will. but i want you to know that i care deeply about you, and i always will. that part has never changed. the part that's changed is that i realize how stupid i was to let you go, and jeopardize our friendship... etc.

    at the end... give him space and time.

  • Tell all this to him face to face! Find a way to meet him private somewhere somehow. Tell all this to his face. Tell him how important he is to you. Tell him you made an honest mistake. Tell him you're not coming back because you feel lonely but because you miss his friendship. Tell him how special he is to you. All at once. Do it! He'll definitely understand. Good luck!

  • I feel for you and I'd truly like to believe that your relationship with boy a can be repaired in some way... that you could reset what happened but sometimes there is just too much hurt and raw feelings. Putting myself in his shoes I'd feel kinda betrayed that you went back to your abusive b/f.. it's also kinda insulting of his trust and friendship too. I think you feel mostly guilt for the way Things happened and that you should really take some time to figure out what you want , perhaps just being single for some time would help. Take care and good luck


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