Would he really sleep with the manager?

My boyfriend got suspended from work as they accused him of sleeping with a manager there.

they have no proof so he is planning to sue them

but I keep wondering did he?

he hasn't said he has or hasn't and I don't want to ask him in case it upsets him but what do I do?

please help x


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  • Babe, do you really want to be with a guy like that? They have no proof that is why he is suing them. You are his girlfriend, yes? And you're saying here that you won't ask him if HE IS CHEATING ON YOU BECAUSE YOU DON"T WANT TO UPSET HIM? Girl, move on.


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  • On what basis would the company make up something like that?

    • Maybe they just wanted a reason to replace him and made up this rumor. Some people don't think before they act. I would sue for slander.

    • The company have been trying to get rid of him. they have cut his shifts, told him he will never be a manager and are suspending him for something they even said they have no proof of...

    • It seems more likely if that were the case they'd just actually cite work related of examples (lateness, poor workmanship, bad relations with others, whatever). The problem with "he's sleeping with the boss" as a made up excuse is it also implicates the boss. My point is, if they're headhunting, they could do it with much more mundane allegations. I'm not saying he did or didn't, but I'd bet certain decision makers in the company believe he did.

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