Why does my ex contact me when he walked out on me?

I'm much older than my boyfriend & we've been dating for 8mths. I recently had surgery and he insisted on taking care of me the day after. As soon as he found out that his friends were going out, he mentioned it to me. I knew he wanted to go out so I said you should go but seriously, since he loved me I thought he wouldn't go but he packed his bag & left. He said he would come back to me afterward if I wanted but it was enough for me and told him if he left me again not to ever contact me again. He said he loves me and then left. We've broken up several times & during one of our breakups, I found out he took his ex out of town and spent a week with her. We brought promise rings that we wore (his idea) and said I'm his life but then he left me when I needed him just to go out. Now, he says he has my fave earrings & would like to give them to me. I told him to leave them at the front desk where I work and he says, "um OK then I guess". What does that mean?


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  • Honestly, it probably means that he was trying to do something to get incontact with you again, and you completely shot him down (as you should... seriously? Who does that.)

    Unfortunately, girls have a tendancy to let guys hang themselves.. and what I mean by that is, we give them so much rope.. "yeah sure... honey, go hang out with your friends" and in our minds we think they'll notice how sweet we're being, and will want to stay home that much more.. but guys literally take that as a "go ahead, I'm okay" which is stupid, because seriously... when do we EVER say what we truly mean. The whole ex thing... wow, I'd be really p*ssed, really jealous, and probably insert my fist in his face if he truly thought that he should have another chance. He left you when you had surgery, to go hang out with his friends... FINE. but shouldn't the lack of give a sh*t meeter pertain to all of his ex's/girlfriends? I mean, if he didn't care about you after surgery, why did he care enough about her to take her out for a week... It doesn't match up.

    Do bigger, badder, and better. No one needs to feel like in their time of need a pitcher of beer is more important.

    Good luck <3

    • Thank you. When he did that with his ex and I found out, he said it was the biggest mistake he ever made and it made him realize that I'm the one he wants in his life forever. Then he did that to me - it hurt like hell and the bad thing about it is I have to see him at the gym and I found out that he's seeing a girl at the same gym-i mean why even try to contact me if you have a new girl or girls you're hanging out with?

    • Don't let this BOY ruin your day. He sounds like he's getting lamer by the second. Tell him to grab his new bimbo, and run don't walk to the nearest bridge, and JUMP. Because honestly, he's just not even worth the time. Although you're more than entitled to feel cheated by life at the moment... But don't let himm ruin today for you. He's lame, and if you really wanna make yourself laugh at her, call her the human vaccum cleaner... sucks up everything she sees. ;D <3

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