Do you build relationships and and imaginary life in your mind?

We cannot have the life we want to live coz reality is a bitch. We do however have great power of imagination. The mind is mightier than the sword.

iv got a life planned out in my head and how I live it and who is in it, what we do and where we go and how time passes... its beautiful. I wish I could describe the colours, scent, taste and feelings... but words haven't been created to describe it yet.

In comparison my life in my head puts reality to shame.. I just wish I could keep my eyes closed and leave/live it that way. Do you build relationships and and imaginary life in your mind??
  • i do that a lot
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  • nah there's a difference between goals and depression.
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  • its unhealthy. stop it!!!
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  • I live in my own imaginary world 90% of the time


Most Helpful Guy

  • relationships no, but imaginary yes, as I tend to write stories. In those stories though are reflections of my real relationships. I especially make up stuff in my head as I'm trying to sleep.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I have the life I want but I imagine the places I'm going to go and stuff

  • Dream and think big, the first steps to a realization that maybe one day may not just live in your imagination.


What Guys Said 2

  • I run Dungeons and Dragons games for my friends, why build an imaginary life when you can build an entire world and kill your friends in it? I mean, turn them into heroes.

  • I do that all the time 😔


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