I am deathly afraid that he can came back with ex, what can I do to feel better?

So I dated this guy 2 months in which of them I was totally in an abusive relationship. He was always offending me, without any reason, putting me down all the time, calling me horrible names and the worst moment was when he spat on my face because he imagined I was cheating him, which was totally false. I was literally being used only for sex, once he wasn't giving me any kind of affection, he disrespected me all the time talking about his ex, liking photos of other girls in front of me, looking to other girls in front of me. Once we had a fight and I beg him. No. To leave and he called me slut indirectly asking me if I would like to be paid. I lived a nightmare, I am emotionally destroyed, I feel like a failure all the time, and less than his ex. I can't express how bad I feel what I only know is that sometimes I really want to disappear. He completely destroyed me and I broke up with him in Christmas, but despite all his disrespect for me, I am terrified with the idea that he and his ex can came back, I really don't know how will I support that, once I feel that bad right now. Please help me, anyone who had gone through similar situations?


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  • You have to go out and please yourself and make your self happy first. Maybe go to the gym, do yoga, anything that will keep you busy, focused and distracted from this situation. You deserve way better I hope you can try to cope and move on from this situation. By feeling bad and down about yourself don't let him win Yes he did a lot of damage don't let this bring you down. When others are not happy they don't want you to be happy either. That is why I surround myself with positive people.

  • You brought these problems on yourself. I am not defending him or his behavior but you need to take some responsibility for what has happened. As long as you view yourself as the victim, you will be a victim and you will not change your behavior, and that means you will repeat your mistakes.

    • I know you're totally right, I was a completely idiot giving him permission to treat me that bad, I only would like to feel better and I really don't know why

    • I don't know what country you are in. Are there shelters that protect women from abusive relationships. Perhaps someone there could offer you some practical advice.

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