If a relationship ends on good terms, is there any chance you can get back together?

I recently broke up with my girlfriend, well she ended it with me, I now realize why she ended it even though it's hard to accept. We both have strong feelings toward each other but we fell victim of falling too fast for one another, I cheated on my ex with her so it was hard from the get go. It finally ended on good terms with a phone call because seeing each other hurt too much. She had trust issues and said she couldn't be with me for that and if I'm honest I wasn't ready...

I still love her and I'm finding it really hard! I've agreed to keep my distance for my own sanity cause seeing her is too hard. I keep thinking about the next time I'll see her, what if the feelings are still there? is there any chance that with time apart we could get back to one another? I know time is a great healer but it can also make the heart grow fonder?


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  • Yes you probley will get back together for

    awhile but if it started on a bad note more than likely

    it will end again on a bad note, its up to you if want to go

    through it all again? Unless you both can honestly put The last behind. Which Is HARD to

    do. Strong feeling are still there so be honest with yourself how

    much you do you want it to Work?


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