Why did you cheat?

If you have ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse why did you do it? Was it boredom, emotional needs, they were just hot and hitting on you? What was your reason.

  • Just bored with my partner
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  • My emotional or physical needs were not being met
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  • The other person was just hot, I could not help myself
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  • Other (please explain with an answer)
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  • I have never cheated but want to see the results
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  • I ticked B, but B and A would be pretty accurate. This is a long story so I'll make it simple.

    Was going out with Michelle, but we had major conflicts with timetables and work (this was back in uni). At her suggestion, I started hanging out with a mutual friend (infact, Michelle's best friend) Jessica. Eventually I cheated (kissed) on Michelle with Jessica. I came clean the next day, but Jessica had already spoken to Michelle about it.

    Jessica and I went out for a little over a year. I was still in love with Michelle though, and by this point our lives were more in sync. We were still very much good friends and Michelle didn't start dating. One day (March 14th 2005, actually) Michelle was over Jessica basically said "this is stupid" and dumped me on the spot... so Michelle and I could go out again.

    These days it all sounds a little "Days of our Lives" but it's not as crazy as it sounds. We were (and still are) pretty good friends.

    I consider what I did cheating, because I was still going out with Michelle at the time, but some friends consider it was just a 'natural break'. Michelle has never said if she considers it cheating one way or the other, she always says basically "It happened, it was in the past".

    Cheating is rarely as simple as people think.


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What Guys Said 3

  • i have never cheated but I have let it cross my mind latly. probably won't do it but it is because my emotional and physical needs are not being met at the moment. if I did follow through which iwont this would be the reason

  • Currently married for 13 years, have kids etc. After marriage our sex life almost completely dropped off. She had cheated on me a couple of times, blaming me for why she did it. I drive tractor trailers and was gone to financially support our family. I stuck around. She doesn’t work and cheated with a deadbeat. I cheated out of spite.

  • I've never cheated.

    IMHO, if the though crosses my mind to be unfaithful to my current GF, it's time to end it and move on.


What Girls Said 2

  • Never cheated but thought about it. Here are the main reasons,

    -Because there is always someone to cheat with

    -Because they think I can get away with it

    -Because the relationship isn't what it used to be

    -Because they want to leave you, but I don't know how

    and No. 1 - In my opinion

    -Because I'm not happy with the person I am, I'm still continuing to find myself and grow. So if I am not happy with myself, I don't put you as my priority, so creep I will...

  • I've cheated twice in my short life. First time I was in seventh grade and I was playing spin the bottle with friends in the gym, just having fun ya know?I just kissed people so it wasn't a big deal. The other time was this year when I was going out with this guy I didn't like at all but I didn't know bow to end it (he ended up breakin up with me a week later to go out with some other girl) I cheated by giving a guy head. the guy and I That I cheated on, are now pretty decent friends now but he likes me again ):


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