Interesting, please advise, pictures?

So, my ex is packing her stuff, and every time she comes over, she takes a couple of the family pictures with her.

Any ideas why?


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  • As in, pictures that include you? How ugly is this breakup? Like my divorce was pretty ugly and my ex-wife would take all of the photos that had all of us so that she could discard them. She even took the family pictures that were included in the emergency packs that the pre-school requires and replaced them with her own pictures.

    So yeah, there's not enough information here but if it's anything like my situation, she's probably taking them so that she knows what happens to these pictures.

    • Interesting. She hasn't taken them all, and the ones she had, not all at once.

      We are actually going out tonight, we talk or text daily, not like lovers but like friends, but there's something brewing after being split for three months. But she's still packing, and like I said, took a couple more yesterday..

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