Will he come back?

We have been dating for 9 months now! We are both 22 years old and deeply in love with each other ! (Not him just saying).

over the past month we have been fighting a lot because he wants to spend more time with his mates. He allways spends more time with his mates over me! And he knows he's not as attentive and loving as he should be.

so after our last fight he said he didn't know what he wanted.. He didn't know if he was making a big mistake.. All he knew was that he wanted to be the father to my children, he wanted to grow old with me. But he was so caught up in being young and partying that he was just so confused as to what to do.

I knoe noe for a fact it's not because he wants to sleep around.

Anyway, I begged him back and he kept saying that he wanted me to be happy. He didn't want to hurt me And was so sure of his decision.. With hope of later on be it a month or years if the time was right we would get back togeather again..
I asked him if he wanted to take a break, with no contact for a week.. And he immediately said yes.. With conditions of not hooking up with anyone else..

we love each other, he's just so conflicted, most of his friends are single and he just wants to be a lad. Enjoy being young and stupid..

he he allways said to me, if he breaks up with me it would be the biggest mistake he's ever made.

I mean who who breaks up with their girlfriend but tells them they want to have kids with them?

Anyway at we are on a break.. Long story short it's killing me, because I miss him (been 48 hours)

what at are the chances? What do you think based on what I've said will happen !

Help :( *heartbroken


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  • Chapter One: Role Reversal
    Let's say you wait for his return (a random) 6 months. He comes back and the world is rainbows and unicorns again. But then things are happening in your life too and you feel the need for a little space, and hence some time out. Riddle me this, does this present you today think that he'll be as understanding as you? (Objective: Is it worth waiting? Sure you're in love, but do you trust your counterpart to be understanding then, so as to be endowed with an uncertain amount of 'break time' now?)

    Chapter Two: Time, the supposedly miraculous healer
    You've mentioned that you would be willing to wait a month or a year, solely on the hope that you would get back together. I'm not a bearded sage but i do have witnessed priorities (of other people and of me) change in a moment. And let alone a year, or even a month, a week is a long amount of time to accomodate a lot of those aforementioned moments. It is highly probable that your priorities too might change and this one right now would not bother you as much.

    Epilogue: Not much of an answer here, but with the given understanding that nobody but you can truly know what it feels like to be in your shoes, you must be the one to make the decision. (I personally recommend "Leave it be as it is, for now. Go watch funny youtube channels instead?")

    • I'm only going to wait for the week as we planned ! But I won't wait after that

    • A wise choice. Will we receive updates if anything interesting turn of events occur?

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  • I mean who who breaks up with their girlfriend but tells them they want to have kids with them?

    answer :the guy who doesn't want to take responsibility of the child.

    if in case whatever he said to you is true then he should comeback after a week. but can't guarantee he wouldn't have hooked up.

    • Yea your right ! I mean why would a 22 year old wanna take responsibility of a child.. But I'm not pregnant, and I won't be for a while..

      Which is why I'm so confused..

      Well! I have him the option.. To get it out of his system! And he flat out refused..

      Why can't he just dump me because he's not interested?
      I can cry. Lick my wounds and move on!!

    • I guess you will have to wait for the whole week till he comes back. I think if you can dump him then he might realise something. I know you are not pregnant but in future want to be. I guess he may not be "the one" for you. but that said I know girls don't listen to this suggestion and continue the relationship. so I leave it to you. it's your life , you have to bear the consequences of your decisions and not anyone else.

  • he Wil be back soon..

  • There will be times there he'll miss you


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