Is this worth it anymore?

After I went through a bad break up, my best friend of 10 years told me he wasn't going to stand by idle while I keep getting mistreated when he can treat me with love and respect. He told me he loved me and of course I've reciprocated and we decided it was a good idea to move out of the friend zone even though I was a little hesitant since I didn't want to ruin the friendship. We've been dating a few months now and I'm happy and I love him but at the same I'm not satisfied at all. My boyfriend has been in the Navy now for about a year and he's currently still finishing up schooling for his job in San Diego and is being stationed to his first command at the beginning of April in Lemoore, about 6 hours away. I go to school in Long Beach and we're both from San Diego, so this has been distance mostly, with me going back home on the weekends to see him. Coming from a Navy family myself, I know very well with how busy he is and how hard this will be but we decided it was worth it. Point is, I feel neglected. He used to make the effort to constantly text when he could, call, Skype etc... but in the past few weeks it's been minimal at best and today, I didn't hear from him at all. I'm used to going hours w/o talking to him but he usually gives me a heads up. In the past few days, I've noticed a change. Something feels different. And today, silence. Nothing. I'm tired of this constant struggle of going back and forth between "I can't believe how much he loves me" to "Does he still love me?". This is exactly what happened in my last relationship and I feel like I've repeated history. I also feel like we're drifting apart in totally different directions. Our life plans are completely different. I'm a sophomore in college and he's just starting out in his career. I feel like even though we're making all these future plans together, we're just going to hold each other back. I wish I could add more details but I guess what I'm asking is. Should we just quit while we're ahead?


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  • Stuff like distance can break people apart. If you have genuine feelings for him try to solve the situation than thinking about ending it. If you really love him then time or space shouldn't break you two up. But if it does then it was never meant to be.


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