Ex initiated contact?

Ex and I have been broken up for 8 weeks...we were friends 30 years ago and grew up on the same street...we were each others' first kisses... anyway, we lost touch and found each other again last year...we are both at hard crossroads in our life that has to be focused on...hence the break off of the romantic side of our relationship...but we so desperately want to keep our friendship in tact and possibly have hope in the future after we take care of our biz.

I have done very well with the no contact...i was way too emotional and would have blown it, I know! he never stopped contacting me by forwarding emails, some fb chat and replies and some texts...a few weeks ago, I finally broke down and called him and we had a good conversation. I agreed to the break up and said it for the best and he was so happy to hear me say that. He then called me a few days later and invited me down to Lauderdale for his kids welcome home party. (His kids are moving down from Philly as their mother just died). It made me feel very good that he thought to ask me...i was there for him when all this crap was hitting the fan and it makes me feel like we may have at least a chance to keep our friendship.

Any tips on what to do from here? The party isn't until like beginning of July...should we try to see each other before then? I was thinking it may be awkward to see him for the first time again in front of his kids and whole family. Anyway, I thought it was great way for us to be introduced to each others' kids and for me to be reintroduced to his family again...as friends...no pressure...any insight? please!


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  • in my opinion, the best would be to keep in mellow contact with him until the party. don't go overboard on anything unless he invites you to do something. as long as he knows yur there for him through this troubling time will mean a lot to him and could maybe spark something positive in yur direction


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