Ex cut me off, how do I cope?

It's been 2 weeks since my dumped me by blocking me on all his social media. He has no phone service so it was our only way to communicate. He blocked me for losing my temper over his social media activity. At first, I blamed myself and even attempted to send him an apology letter but Fedex lost it. Today, I feel hurt and angry. I feel like I accepted his flaws and put up with his crap: lying, ignoring me, and not making time for me. I felt he was a good person with a lot on his shoulders so I overlooked it. However, I lost my temper and he blocked me without any words or indulgence. It feels terrible. I feel like he'd rather hoe around on Facebook and like pictures of girls like this: Ex cut me off, how do I cope?I'm tired of wanting him, blaming myself, and hoping he'll return. I barely eat and a lot of days I don't get out of bed. My self-esteem is gone and I keep comparing myself to other women. I want to love myself and move on from anyone who treats me this way, advice?


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  • Know that someone who treats you like this isn't someone you want to be with, it's petty for him to block you but then again you're broken up don't contact him anymore, if he's off with these random girls then let him because the only thing he's doing is trying to move on himself so the best thing you can do is try to move on too. It's not always easy to move on but don't rush yourself, stay busy and know its for the best.

  • You are worth more than how he treated you and is treating you. Forgive him, but move on. I know it hurts and it is hard, he betrayed your trust but you deserve a man who is trustworthy and kind.


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