What do you think about this situation and how should I proceed from here?

My ex and I have been broken up for 4 months.. Mostly because he is unsure of where his life is headed right now.. just recently he decided to get in contact to give me some things back.. We have been hanging out the last couple weeks and sleeping together... I've been bothering him about where this is going because I don't want to be used and second he keeps telling me that he's still working on things and he wants to be together in the end.. Well recently he told me he is unsure if we are going to be together so I pretty much told him that we need space and I can't continue to sleep with him any longer.. He says he will always love me but he hasn't messaged me back.. So do I wait for him to get in contact with me while I continue living me life or is this screwed up relationship done for good


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  • It sounds like it's done for good


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