3 month no contact. Is it really done?

So my ex broke things off with me 3 months ago after we dated for 7 years. We dident end things on a bad note but she said she doesn't love me any more. My mutual friends told me she took the break up hard. I went into no contact with her a few days after. I broke down 2 months into it and called her. When I asked if she missed me she said it was "complicated". A few days later I found out she has been dating another guy. They have been going for a month now. She hasent called or text me since. I'm still struggling every day letting her go. Dose she miss me? Is there any way I can get her back?


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  • I feel for you, brother. But sadly, she doesn't/wouldn't miss you right now. Give it some time till she misses 'normal'. There will come a time when she would give anything to go back to having what/whom she had, but the question is, are you really going to wait till then and break yourself up every single day thinking about her? Try distracting yourself by doing something that interests you for starters. It helps. God bless.

  • She may feel sympathy for you but if she said she does not love you she means it. You would have chance if you had stayed close friends even after break up but you cut the ties with her. Girls need attention and you did not gave any when she was alone. And of course she would not wait. You still want to get her back even though she slept with another guy?

    • She had specific said she needed space. I figured that a month or so she would have reached out. She didn't.

    • well there is nothing much you can do. move on. even if you get her back you will feel pain that she slept with another man.

  • Been there, bro! Listen to me and listen good!!! Move on!!!


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